• 2-3 Participants*: $30/person

  • 4-5 Participants*: $26/person

  • 6-10 Participants*: $23/person

  • Students and Military Personnel**: $20/student

Pricing for Private Event***:

  • 2-3 Participants*: +$12/person

  • 4-5 Participants*: +$7/person

  • 6-7 Participants*: +$5/person (6-9 participants for Temple Room)

  • 8 Participants*: +$0/person (10 participants for Temple Room)

Outside of Xcape Room Fresno's normal business hours group rates (MUST CALL or EMAIL to SCHEDULE):

  • 1-4 Participants*: $40/person

  • 5-10 Participants*: $35/person

  • 11-19 Participants*: $30/person

  • 20+ Participants*: $25/person

*Per booking

**If there are students or military personnel, then you agree to bring all the necessary valid student and military personnel IDs corresponding to what is booked.  If the exact number of valid IDs are not present before entering the room, then the entire group will not be allowed to enter the room or participate, and there will be no refund for the entire booking.  All money will be forfeited.

***Private events can be requested or booked by checking the "Private Event" checkbox below.  This will guarantee that no one can book the remaining spots of the booking and only your group can be in the room.  The pricing above is added to the normal price per the amount of the participants.  If you booked online and would like to add additional participants after the original booking, you are more than welcome to email or call us to add participants.  However, the added participants will pay the same price as the booking customer, regardless of the total amount of participants.  No retroactive refunds will be given when additional participants are added after the original "Private Event" booking.  Special promotion days are NOT valid with private event experiences (Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Black Friday, ect).

Recommended ages: 13+

For special requests, such as scheduling outside of our operating hours, please email us with your contact information.