Is your company, business, or organization looking for a new and exciting way to engage and bring your members together?

Xcape Room Fresno is not only entertaining and fun for everyone, but it brings a super engaging way to unite your team!  Xcape Room Fresno's experience help build team communication skills, enhance critical thinking skills, and allows a team to solve problems as a team, not just as individuals on a team.

Your team will love the experience and have a take-away like never before.


Listen to what journalists and bloggers have to say about the escape room experience

"Escape games are the perfect way to find out which of your teammates are leaders and which ones are weak in using high-level, problem solving skills"     - Veronica M Brezina, Central Florida Future

"An analytical mind and the ability to work as a team are all part of the fun..."     - Jim Holland, journal staff, Rapid City Journal

"You may be free of an escape room's locks and cages after an hour but the experience doesn't let you go quite as quickly"                     - Ethan Gilsdorf, The Boston Globe


Please call or email for Out of Business Hour Rates

Are our business hours not working with your needs? Do not worry!

We will accommodate as we can with your schedule.  If we are not open during a time you need such as normal business hours (i.e. 8am-5pm), then please email us at with your contact information.  We will work something out to make sure you can enjoy this amazing experience.  You can also call us during our hours of operation, but we recommend you email us first. This is a premium experience that allows you to have access to the entire building all by yourselves as well be flexible with YOUR schedule.

Private Meeting Room Available

Since we moved to our bigger location on West Shaw, we can now accommodate a party/meeting space area. The room can hold about 20 people depending on the need. This may come at a cost depending on the event scheduled agreement.